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Data Communications Software for Pick-Based Systems


PowerComm is a high performance data communications software package for systems running the Pick Operating System. PowerComm provides data communications services by providing full TCL command and user mode interfaces for maximum flexibility.


TCL Command Mode
For ease of use and flexibility, all of the data transfer commands are available at TCL. Using the standard TCL command line interface, all options and parameters are easily incorporated into programs.

Direct Terminal Mode
PowerComm includes a direct terminal mode that allows you to communicate to another system as a terminal on that system. Similar to converse with optional capture and playback.

BASIC Applications Program Interface
The BASIC API is an application programming interface to the communications software. This interface is fully documented and is accessed by calling subroutines or user exits. In addition, the PowerComm Communications Library (PCL) enables programmers to quickly create unattended complex communications transfers under program control. Some of the many features include:

- Table-driven parameters
- Dialer for making connections
- Modem control API
- Logon scripts
- Full remote system file I/O
- Remote system TCL command execution with capture
- Extensive logging capabilities
- Full source code provided for customization

PowerComm Pick-to-Pick Features
PowerComm uses its own proprietary protocol for maximum speed and reliability. Combined with smart buffering and automatic remote computer overrun detection, data transfers are quick and reliable.


D3 / Advanced Pick Systems
- Up to 31 simultaneous active ports.
- Baud rates to 38400.
- User-definable ABS file usage during installation.

Included Protocols
- PowerComm Pick-to-Pick
- XModem Checksum/CRC/1K/G
- YModem Checksum/CRC/G
- ASCII paced/streaming

PowerComm Software Requirements
For fast and reliable data file transfers between two Pick systems, one copy of PowerComm is required for each system.

Pick Operating System Requirements
PowerComm requires one Pick user license for each active communications port.

* Full specifications are in the brochure (PDF format).


* Full pricing information is in the price list (PDF format).


- D3 AIX
- D3 SCO
- D3 ProPlus
- D3 Linux
- D3 NT
- Advanced Pick Protected Mode
- Advanced Pick DOS
- Advanced Pick SCO Unix v6.1
- Advanced Pick AIX v6.1
- Advanced Pick Native


PowerComm is in use at hundreds of different companies all over the world. There are installations in New Zealand, Australia, Philippines, England, Mexico, Canada, South Africa, Brazil and the United States. The following are a few testimonials about how PowerComm has solved their communications needs:

"We have 20 modems each averaging over 3K per second when connecting to over 200 locations nightly from our D3 NT server, incredible!”
    - Phil C., Systems Analyst, Diamond Auto Glass

“We’ve used PowerComm reliably for years on our 60+ R83, AP/Pro, AP/DOS and D3 AIX machines, very thorough product and support.”
    - Colleen Thomas, IS Director, Bayada Nurses

“PowerComm has been hugely successful, having integrated it into our property management package to handle our customer’s positive pay bank transactions and spooler report transmissions, it just works!”
    - Peter Haskett, CEO, DataTrust Inc.

“We connect to dozens of remote handheld data collection terminals and recently completed our upgrade from using PowerComm on AP/Pro for years to our new D3 NT server.”
    - Glen White, Execute VP, Raab Karcher Energy Services


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